Testimonials for The Chaney Team

"Anytime day or night they were there for us"
Captain Lucian & Mihaela Ivan
 "Always available weekends + evenings"
Sgt. Andre & Tiffany Williams

 "The Chaney Team sent us a lot of information before we arrived, was exceptional in showing us around and then took care of the house before we moved to Colorado Springs. In five moves, they were by far the best agent's"
                                      Brig. Gen. James & Mary Van Sice 

 "Rosalinda knew what we wanted! She was very sweet, efficient and always showed us just what was of interest to us"
Shirley McAllister

"The Chaney Team e-mailed us constantly with homes, and went that extra mile to send us pictures of some of the houses we might be interested in. From beginning to end, and beyond, the Chaney Team had our best interest at heart. We would recommend them time and again!"
Maj & Mrs. Bill Montalvo

 "The Chaney Team did an awesome job in helping us find that dream home. We were retiring from the Air Force and were not familiar with the area.  They helped us every step of the way. We couldn´t have done it without them."
Col & Mrs. Jerry Fogaltance

"What a great Team, they really know the area and the needs of relocating families. We would highly recommend The Chaney Team. Rosalinda came to Germany with lots of information about Colorado, I couldn´t have done the move without them."
Sgt. Vickie Cooper 

 "We cannot thank your Team enough for coming to Germany and then being ready for us once we arrived in Colorado Springs. The Chaney Team went the extra mile for us by not only bringing tons of area information but they also brought their lender! We were qualified before leaving Germany. From the time we arrived to begin our search, it was only 14 days until we closed on our new home! WOW,  that was great!"
Capt. James & Jeanna Hamilton
The Chaney Team enabled me to sell my property at a desirable price that I would not have been able to obtain without their efforts. In fact, the entire deal would have fallen through without their skill and patience in negotiating the transaction. To be specific, the prospective buyers began making unreasonable demands after the property was already under contract, and the process of dealing with them became so frustrating that I was prepared to give up and take the property off the market. However, the Chaney’s encouraged me not to give up so easily—they believed that they could negotiate a reasonable compromise, and their hard work paid off, as we managed to close the sale against all odds.  I recommend that you entrust The Chaney Team to handle whatever kind of real estate transaction you may be considering. You can rest assured that they will represent your best interests according to the highest standards of competence, professionalism and ethical integrity. Please feel free to contact me to discuss my experience by phone at (301) 467-0157 or email at [email protected]
James Marie 

I wanted to extend a letter of appreciation for the way you handled our listing. You made our family feel comfortable through the whole process. From day one you gave us tips and guided us, that lead to the sale of our home (quite fast turnaround too). The house was listed, and we had an offer in one week and closed that same month!  Thank you so much for making this transaction a painless and positive experience for my whole family and me.
Thomas Buffington

I am writing this letter in appreciation for the hard work and dedication you gave to me, in the sale of my three properties in Colorado Springs. It’s truly comforting to know there are still Realtors with honesty, integrity and devotion to their clients, like Dean and Rosalinda both showed me.  I can’t thank you enough.
Dave Jacobs